I wanted a developmental editor I could brainstorm my writing assignments with, as well as someone to help edit my work. I got lucky and found the perfect person…Karen! She is so patient and has a passion for what she does – writing and editing to perfection. I highly recommend Karen to anyone seeking a great editor and writer!

Maria N.

Political Economy Analyst, Washington, DC

I found Karen when I went in search of someone to help my nonprofit organization with writing and communications. She has helped in those areas and so much more! Her fundraising experience has proven invaluable. Her commitment and work ethic are unbelievable. Karen knows her job and loves what she is doing. 

I would recommend Karen to anyone looking for an editor/ writer or a fundraising specialist.

Liliane B.

Founder, Mouna Dreams, Washington, DC

Karen edited my PhD dissertation on a topic that she originally knew nothing about. And English is not my first language so I know that she put in extra effort to produce outstanding work. If you’re looking for someone who takes care and pride in their work, Karen is the one.

Abdul A.

PhD student, University of Illinois

My private legal practice is blossoming because of Karen’s support! 

Adriane J.


I manage a successful blog and have been working with Karen for about a year. She has been wonderful to work with. Her ability to grasp concepts on an array of subject matters and articulate them in her writing has been impressive!

Before finding Karen, I worked with several people who advertised simiar skill sets. However, they often fell short of the quality and substance of content Karen produces time and again. 

I intend to continue utilizing Karen’s services, and I believe that if I’m going to succeed at pursuing my business goals, Karen will play a big role in that success.

Louis S.


I own a real estate development firm and have been working with Karen for a few years. I have no hesitation when it comes to recommending her. Whenever I need help with a marketing project, I call Karen. And I’m always happy with her work!

Jason S.

BHI Real Estate Development

I sensed right away that Karen’s savoir-faire with LinkedIn would help me with a profile I had been reluctant to create. Yet I never expected that right after posting the profile, I would receive an invitation to get back in contact with people with whom I was an intern at a magazine in Paris over three decades ago! Good things do indeed come from putting (posting?) yourself out there. Merci, Karen!

Kirsten K. Language Instructor